Project: New Library for University of Volos, Greece


Design group :

Dimitris Angelidis

Tzima Maria

Zisi Katerina

This new Library for the University of Thessaly , Greece was a part of mine studies in the Faculty of Architecture.
It is a multipurpose Library. Besides the big spaces we designed to host Library’s book collections and studying areas ,It includes multimedia spaces ( such as cinemas, exhibition hall, multimedia labs e.t.c.). More we added a cafe , a bookshop and TV – Radio studios cause we intended to design an open Library , not only for students but open for all the relative events of the city of Volos. We designed a compact building with a big opening at the South Elevation where the current amphitheater stands. Then we created a triangular opening to the floors above that opening to provide fresh air and physical light in the center of the floors. The whole project is 2770 square meters.

Supervisor : Professor Iordanis Stylidis
( )

nee Eswteriko1 Eswteriko2 Eswteriko3   stylidis112


3d  Visualizations


Elevations and sections




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