Restoration & Renovation Residence Project

Project :Restoration & Renovation of an old Mansion 

Project location : Skopelos island, Greece

An old Mansion in Skopelos ( Sporades Islands in Greece ) that comes back to life!!
It is a project finished during 2016 . An old mansion that was used the last years as a touristic shop for the visitors of the island. A lot of changes from the previous owners made the property not to look like a Mansion. Floors were separated and the courtyard was almost destroyed. When owners ( W. Cahill & D. Mercer ) and we met we knew from the first moment what we want. We tried to keep the elegance and the classy atmosphere of the mansion but making it a comfortable 21 th century house. We kept the exterior white with blue windows and we used bright and playful colors at the interior. We tried to combine old restored exposed stone walls with rough plastered ones and with different floor patterns ( wood , stone , cement tiles ).

Interior photos 3d Visualization 

blueroomlattice          rebathh2

itchen    aprilnew

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9  11



Interior photos (in progress)

IMG_20160412_134814_317 IMG_20160412_133336_826

dsc04191 dsc04210


More Photos

dsc05030 dsc049955 dsc050003 dsc050059 dsc0499955





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